bedtime doodles. i need to learn how to draw dudes better :)

based on a photo from tumblr~

daily spitpaint - hot dwarf :3

i just wanted to draw bearded ladies

daily spitpaint - the great chronicler

GoT Pokemon?

My boyfriend requested a new desktop background in the form of this epic crossover. I delivered. Hope you all enjoy!

Also psst if you like this, check it out in my shop! :)

My babygirl Morello in #13 ♥

for pauline! Sailor moon in #7 ♥ This one was fun

Why no, I did NOT spend at least 15 minutes staring dreamily at photos of Jon Hamm and men in suits before completing this drawing. Noo…

I’m lying. I’m lying so bad. This was super fun. Thanks for suggesting it, Maria! <3 <3 <3 You spoil me.

Mad Men #10

Charizaaaard #11

Quick palette challenge before work. Note to self: practice drawing more winged things. 

Topic: Sauron. Color palette #18


I might revisit this later and make it better. But for now it’s late and I’ve all draw’d out. Gnight, tumblr. 

Mr. Beezul's cute lil robot chick! His art is so awesome, go have a look-see~

I’m too lazy to keep including the palettes — here’s #13! x)