Another doodle tonight. Based on this cutie pie

Weekend trip to San Diego~ all planned out. the important part anyway ;)

been feelin kinda uninspired lately. art lulls suck.

here’s a pretty lady i doodled to try and get back into things. loosely based off this gorgeous redhead (and maybe lorde?)

ehehehehehehehehe ;)

happy valentine’s, cuties

(ps: help a gal out and buy a valentine for your special someone~)


I’m terrible at updating and i’m so sorry, soooo have some silly star wars valentines to send to your loved ones. (psst they’re also on sale in my SHOP!)


more to come soon

rainy days with my pup ♥

cute little lady with a bun in the oven~


i cant decide! so i’ll just post both. have some crazy colored punk chick

inspired by the queen